Terms & Conditions

Storage Terms & Conditions

We have a flexible set of storage solutions for your vehicles, equipment and other possessions. To protect all visitors and items on our property, and maintain a clean, orderly facility, we have some basic requirements and limitations.

Prohibited Material

  • Paving material
  • Discarded material of any type, including tires, tools, building material, containers
  • Unsecured/unpackaged paper or plastic products
  • Vehicles not able to be driven or towed from the site
  • Vehicles in a state of repair or being stripped for parts
  • Toxic materials or flammable materials, unless properly packaged & secured
  • Explosives
  • Animals or animal bi-products
  • Foodstuffs


Vehicles should maintain registration/licensing according to motor vehicle law during their storage on the Empire property. Our rental clients are responsible for insuring their vehicles for coverage during their storage period.

Rental Periods and Payments

We pride ourselves on providing flexible solutions to your needs. Many of our services are available on a monthly basis. Building rentals may require a minimum commitment in months. Our office staff can review rental periods and required deposit amounts for services upon your inquiry. Please contact us with your needs.