Best fill dirt & topsoil in Rochester

Discover what Rochester regional contractors, developers and homeowners have known for years - we have Rochester's Best Dirt!

Years of excavation on our Penfield property have yielded some of the best fill and soil for common applications. Conveniently located in Monroe County near Route 104 and Route 590 North, our site provides easy access for your pickup of fill dirt and topsoil loads. We also provide delivery service for dump truck size orders to your destination in the Greater Rochester area.

Our unscreened fill dirt is ideal for filling deep holes, leveling out low areas or building up an area. Screened utility sand (blow sand) is also available for filling around underground utility installations. We provide screened topsoil which is best suited for shallow spreading, or for regions that will be planted as lawns, berms or gardens. Topsoil depths would run from 4-6 inches for lawns to 8-12 inches for garden beds. Our bulky fill is material removed during screening, primarily rock and clay.

Rochester top soil

Fill dirt area at Empire Storage, Rochester

Rochester top soil

Our Soil Offerings

Prices of material loaded on to your truck.

Topsoil, screened: $20.00 per cubic yard

Bulky Fill, unscreened: $4.00 per cubic yard

Fill dirt, unscreened: $10.00 per cubic yard

Utility Sand, screened: $11.00 per cubic yard

Delivery available; fee starts at $55 for Webster, Penfield area; please call for quotation on longer distances.

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