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Please contact us with any questions, and let us know your needs. We will work with you to provide the best storage solution for your use. You can call us during office hours, leave a message at other times. or visit our office. The contact form at the right can also be used to describe your needs. Upon receipt of the information from the online form, someone will contact you to follow up.

You are invited to visit the Empire Storage complex to view our available storage solutions. If you cannot visit during office hours, contact us and we will set up an appointment at your convenience to show you available spaces. We are known for our customer service and flexible storage solutions. Let us go to work meeting your needs!

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Phone (585)482-7000. We will record your message if the office is closed.

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Our office hours are 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Appointments can be set to meet with you at other times.

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The contact form at the right will allow you to summarize your needs. Our office will contact you by the means you indicate to get more details.

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